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For the Love of (Smelly) Socks Bruce Powers ,  Callum Slater
ScottXXX favourites, Bruce Powers and Callum Slater are back in this super horny sock fetish movie, For the Love of (Smelly) Socks. Whats hotter than a fit scally lad in dirty white socks? 2 fit scally lads, sniffing each others hot, smelly, damp white socks! Callum is straight down on Bruce's smelly white socks, worshipping the boy smell and tasting the fresh sweat. Bruce is no stranger to a lad down at his feet, he pushes his foot down on Callum's head, and waits for the groans of ecstasy from the scally lad, at which point he forces a bit harder. They both enjoy sniffing each others sweaty, stinky socks and tasting each other's feet sweat!

and  22 minute(s), 6 second(s)  of video

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