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Audition: Oliver
What can I say about Oliver? This handsome fucker oozes sex appeal, I've been after him getting his kit off for me for a while, but he's always been too shy. Finally, he's up for it, and here he is, in his full glory! Full time builder and part time tennis coach, Oli has a massive, fat cock and by the sounds of it, knows exactly what he's doing with it. He turned up to the audition in his tennis gear, and looked fucking fit. He has massive size UK 10.5 feet and has the masculine shape soles we all love. I'm filming this hot stud with a fit piggy lad next week, can't wait to see the results!

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Audition: Ross
Ross lives near me, I met him recently. I'd seen him out and about and finally got talking to him. He always wears trackies and Airmax, can't help but get a hard on when I see him around town. He's done some film work for other gay companies, but he's a newbie on ScottXXX - He's a total top and apparently fucks like a rabbit (so I've heard!). He comes across as being quite shy, but he definitely isn't shy about getting his arse and cock out! Here he is at his audition, he turned up in these red Nikes - They smelt really musky, could smell them all over the room! He's a fit, cute lad with a cheeky smile - can't wait to film him in action!

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Feed Me Your Feet! Part 2 Brent Taylor ,  Deacon Hunter
The hot couple return in part 2 of Feed Me Your Feet, this time they're back for a hot, sweaty, RAW fuck. Bisexual cock whore Brent opens his legs ready for Deacon's big, juicy cock - Going in raw and dry, Deacon starts fucking straight away, hard and deep. Deacons massive cock fills Brents tight hole and it's not long before Brents sexy socked feet are in Deacons face. Sniffing and licking the lads socks, Deacon thrusts his body in and out of Brent, making him moan with his huge, meaty cock. The pair fuck like animals until Deacon is ready to shoot his load, he does this all over Brents hole, then wipes his sweaty feet in the cum and feed it to Brent!

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Feed Me Your Feet! Brent Taylor ,  Deacon Hunter
Two of ScottXXX's favourite lads, Deacon Hunter and Brent Taylor are together for the first time in this mega hot and horny film, Feed Me Your Feet! Bisexual cock hungry Brent loves being submissive to a hung, dominating top, and Deacon is the perfect choice. Brent is down on Deacon's perfect feet almost straight away, peeling his white socks off and tonguing his soft, sweaty toes. The duo look so hot together and the chemistry is immense. Deacon is a rough player and loves fingering Brent's hungry arsehole. He gives him a good seeing to with his hands - Wait until you see how he fucks him next week!

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