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Worshipping Ronnie English James Bennett ,  Ronnie English
Horse hung fit lad Ronnie English is back with his latest victim James Bennett. Ronnie is wearing his metallic blue TNs which absolutely stink and he gets James to slip them off his big white socked feet to sniff. The socks soon get pulled off and the hung lads cheesy feet are in James' face and mouth. Ronnie has a fucking huge cock and it gets shoved in James' mouth pretty quick. Ronnie puts one of his stinky socks over his cock, wanks and lets James suck it, letting him savour the smell of his feet and his monster cock! Did we mention, he shoots his load in James's mouth at the end? Fit fuckers!

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Cruizing Bad Ladz Danny Wolfe ,  Leo Rex
New lad Danny Wolfe is not only fit as fuck, he has the most incredibly gorgeous feet. Cruizing around the local park for some cock, Danny spots fit cockney lad, Leo Rex. After a brief cruize, they head to the nearest gay sex club to get down to some sneaker business. Both kicking back in the horniest TN's I've seen in a while, Danny, who is MASSIVELY into all things feet gets straight down on Leo's trainers and has a good play. He's more than happy when Leo forces his smelly white socked feet in his face... The pair worship each others stinky socks and bare feet perfectly - The chemistry is fucking unreal!

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My Mates Feet #3 Oscar Wood ,  Ronnie English
Fit London lad Ronnie English makes his debut on ScottXXX showing off his dirty white socks (which he'd been wearing for a few days in the run up to our shoot!), he's joined by spunky Polish scally, Oscar Wood. The pair chilled together before Ronnie takes off his sweaty TNs to show off his stinky, grubby socks. Oscar plants them straight down on his face and lets his hungry mouth work the socks. Ronnie lights up a ciggie and continues to rub his socked feet on the Polish chavs face. We all have fantasies about doing this with out fit mates, right?

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Changing Room Diaries 9 Brent Taylor ,  Leo Rex
Cocky cockney Leo Rex and bisexual beauty, Brent Taylor find themselves in the infamous sweaty, smelly changing rooms. Leo has the most perfect feet and Brent doesn't waste any time and gets on his pals feet straight away. Leo loves dishing out the verbal, making Brent peel his footie socks off and get his gorgeous feet in the lads hungry mouth. You can see how much these lads are into each other and Brent LOVES Leo's feet! 20 minutes of pure football player feet worship, we are in fucking heaven!

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