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Under Jamie Chav Billy Joe ,  Jamie Chav
Jamie Chav and Billy Joe return to ScottXXX in this horned up foot worship movie. Jamie Chav is a fit 18 year old chav who likes nothing more than a guy to be under his WARM, SWEATY FEET, worshipping his smell and taste. Billy Joe is forced on the floor and starts worshipping by licking Jamie's Nike Airmax and STINKY WHITE SOCKS. Jamie soon PEELS THE SOCKS OFF and rests his sexy feet on the lads face, forcing him to SMELL AND LICK. Billy whacks his cock out and starts beating off to the smell of Jamie's feet. He SHOOTS A STICKY LOAD all over the hot bare feet and then is forced to lick them clean! Kinky!

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Worshipping Kane Wood
OVER 50 MINUTES OF PURE FOOT WORSHIP! Fit as fuck Kane Wood is back, this time, he's joined by ScottXXX superfan, Glitch. Glitch is a horny 20 something lad who loves the stink of a lads feet. He can worship a hot pair of feet for hours and he sure as hell doesn't disappoint! Kane's fresh back from a workout (he wears the same Nikes!) so his trainers are warm and smelly. Perfect! He kicks back and lets Glitch enjoy his sexy, smooth feet. The sub lad is in heaven with the scent of the cocky scally lads sweaty bare feet. Glitch gets his tongue on every cm of the lads feet, watch out for the slow toe job too! Woof!

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Danny Low's Awesome Audition Danny Low
Stop everything you're doing! Unless you're knocking one out of course! This is DANNY LOW, ONE OF THE HOTTEST SCALLIES THE UK HAS SEEN. And he's right here in all his glory! Danny is a EXTREMELY FIT and confident young lad from Manchester and his sex appeal is through the roof! Danny has an ENORMOUS COCK and by the looks of it, he sure knows how to use it! I spotted him a few weeks ago wearing his horny sky blue TNs and knew I had to get him showing off on camera! The lads feet are gorgeous and just wait til you see his HUGE CUMSHOT!

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Cruising 4 Scally Sox - Finale Billy Joe ,  Bruce Powers
BRUCE & BILLY JOE continue to get SWEATY whilst licking each other's STINKY FEET. The trackies come off and their cocks are ROCK HARD. Billy Joe gives Bruce a FOOTJOB with his PERFECT FEET, then turns over and lets Bruce bury his face in his peachy lad arse. Bruce is hungry for the lads arse and can't get enough of his tasty pink hole. The lads continue to suck cock, rim and play with each other's feet before Billy Joe shoots a nice load all over Bruce's big feet, then he climbs over the fit scally lads face and rides it til Bruce shoots a massive thick load. Fucking perfect lads!

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