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Real Man Stink Deacon Hunter
Alpha male bad lad Leon is back with his smelly Nikes and sweaty as fuck socks! He bullies Deacon into sniffing his trainers and socks, then it's non stop domination from the fit fucker. Forcing his stinky, wet socks in Deacons face and mouth, the lad has no choice but to sniff and lick them. They absolutely stink and Deacon can't get enough of it. Leon gets Deacon to lie down and with his full body weight, stands all over him, resting one of his smelly feet on his face. Then Leon wanks Deacons meaty cock while he rests his feet in the lads face. Filth!

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My Mates Feet 4 Jay P ,  Leo Rex
That fit scally lad Jay P from On The Job is back with one of ScottXXX favourites, Leo Rex. Jay P sits back and relaxes with his feet up on the footstool. This is the perfect time for Leo to get his hands on the fit fuckers sexy Airmax, sweaty black Airmax socks and of course, his irresistible bare feet. Leo is straight down on the lads feet, slipping his Airmax off, sniffing the fresh musky lad smell from the trainers. The socks come off and get sniffed but the main action here is the bare feet! Leo loves Jay's perfectly shaped, sweaty, smooth feet. Pure scally foot fetish at it's best!

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Geordie Sure Takes It Raw Brett Dillon ,  Deacon Hunter
Geordie fit lad Brett is all over Deacons huge, fat cock, sucking it deep while sniffing the lads worn, dirty socks. Rubbing the fit lads Airmax on his cock, he licks Deacons massive balls and gets ready to take his cock! He gets on his back and opens his legs ready for Deacon's raw dick. He takes it like a pro, moaning in ecstasy while Deacon rams him and films it. The pair fuck bareback and hard until Deacon explodes and shoots his big load all over Brett, then feeds him his dirty cock to clean up with his tongue! 

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Deacon Dominates Brett Dillon ,  Deacon Hunter
We kick off 2019 with a massive bang as Geordie lad Brett joins ScottXXX favourite Deacon in this ultimate sneaker sex movie! The lads get straight into the action as Deacon takes control of Brett and orders him to lick his super hot Nike's clean. Deacons sweaty black socks look great as they rub against Brett's face. The black socks get peeled off and Deacons beautiful bare feet get the tonguing they deserve. On his back, Brett takes a stomping as Deacon puts his whole body weight on the lad and forces his sweaty bare foot in his mouth! These fit fuckers, with their dirty socks and dirty minds are what it's all about!

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