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Mates Feet Taste Best Liam Tyler
New to ScottXXX, labourer and all round fit bad boy, Hayden Nichols is chilling out with his pal, Liam. He has no idea that Liam is addicted to smelly feet and trainers. Striking a conversation about Hayden's new TNs, Liam gets offered a once in a lifetime opportunity of having a sniff of his fit mates trainers. He gets more than he bargained for when Hayden lets him sniff his socks - This isn't enough for horndog Liam, who is straight in on his bare feet. Not only do they stink, but they're also proper fit lads feet. Bare feet worship all the way! Oh, and a nice load at the end!

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Banged in the VIP Deacon Hunter ,  Tyler Jenkins
Deacon Hunter & Tyler Jenkins are back in this sweaty foot worship, raw, bareback fuck scene. After a few shots too many in the VIP room of their local club, the conversation gets sleazy and Deacon ends up shoving his foot in Tylers face and expects him to worship. And worship he does. Deacon has perfect feet, they are soft and smelly and Tyler licks every inch of them. He gets his tongue deep in the fit lads hole and can't wait to stuff his monster cock inside him. Shooting a huge load all over Deacons arse, Tyler fucks his load deep into the begging lad. This is fucking hot!

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This is Matty Hudson! Matty Hudson
Matty first starred on ScottXXX in Caught by the Sparty last week - Since then you've all been goin' fucking mental for him! It seems you can't get enough of the rough Salford bad boy! So here's his audition video, filmed a couple of weeks ago. I love his attitude. So confident, slightly arrogant and cheeky. Tall, beefy and muscular, he has size 10 feet to die for, and although he's bisexual, he is more of a ladies man. This lad is pure gold! Check out this audition video, where he tries to impress me by spunking his load on his stinky TN's...FUCK YEAH!

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Caught by the Sparky! Matty Hudson ,  Tony Parker
When the electrician turned up at Tony's flat, he wasn't expecting Matty Hudson! Big, tall fucker Matty is a giant, and like all decent electricians. He takes his trainers off as he starts getting to work on the broken electric box. Pervy Tony can't help himself and reaches down for one of Matty's smelly TN's. He gets a bit too carried away and gets CAUGHT by the fit scally lad. What happens next is the ultimate scally fantasy! Pure VERBAL ABUSE and nasty foot forced worship. Not letting Tony up for air, Matty keeps his big, size 10 feet on the horny lad until he shoots a huge load of spunk.

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